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Susan is a partner in the fine art print studio

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Susan Farquhar was born in North Bay Ontario and studied Fine Art at the University of Guelph and York University in Toronto.


She began working and exhibiting in the eighties while practicing as a professional fine art printer for artists. She and her partner Robert Game established their own print making studio in 1991 where they continue to work with artists collaboratively in etching, silkscreen and relief mediums.


In 2005 Susan was invited to exhibit at the Joan Ferneyhough Gallery in North Bay. That year she also traveled north to Lake Kipawa. These events facilitated a change of view and working methods. Re-considering her approach to landscape has lead to a continuous experimenting with image making and ongoing questioning of what landscape is as art.


While she has no final answers to her inquiries Susan has come to see landscape as a series of layers – a little geography, history, reminiscence, physical dimension and drawing expression. Her canvases and wood panels are two - dimensional objects but the layers of texture and drawing reflect the experience of being there in the physical place.